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Don’t know an IBU from an ESB? This may help.

AHU: Delighting in their craft

In December, an installment of All Hopped Up was devoted to demystifying homebrewing by breaking it down to four essential steps. Given the right equipment and some very basic know-how, anyone who can read a recipe can brew beer. What many people don’t know about the drink, however, is that all beer is made with variations on these four steps. Benoit Mercier, the head brewer and owner of Benelux, graciously lent his brew pub and expertise to show that any beer – from Rickard’s to Rolling Rock, craft-brew to homebrew – is made using the same fundamental process.

all photos by Camille McOuat

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AHU: A winter wonderland of beer

As wool socks and long johns are awakened from their summer hibernation and seeing your breath becomes as familiar to the eye as 4:30 p.m. sunsets, an annual question is once again raised: How the hell will I keep warm this winter? But keeping your body toasty is a no-brainer – just make sure your Christmas list says MEC repeatedly or try to find someone to help you warm up that down comforter of yours. Still, the only thing that can warm both body and soul is simple and time-tested: booze. Continue reading

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AHU: Beers have families too

Originally published in The McGill Daily on November 8, 2007. This is the inaugural edition of my column, All Hopped Up, in the Daily.

In Quebec we have the curious propensity to name beers by their colour. Walk into any bar in Montreal, name an autumnal hue – rousse, dorée, cuivrée, noir, blanche, blonde, et cetera – and you’ll soon be tasting that colour’s manifestation in beer. Talk about synesthesia. Continue reading

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