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The New Yorker affirms my love for print journalism. And beer.

A Better Brew, in The New Yorker – November 24, 2008

Above is the link to a great article by Burkhard Bilger in the food issue of the current New Yorker. It talks eloquently about the place of extreme beer in craft brewing and profiles Sam Calagione and his awesome Dogfish Head brewery.

I actually spent a while writing commentary on the piece. Unfortunately I did it using a function of WordPress that I’ll never use again. One where “save” does not mean “save” and “publish” means “delete all of your writing.” This proves only what I already knew. Print journalism is amazing and blogs, besides signalling the End of Days, are hard to use.


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AHU: A winter wonderland of beer

As wool socks and long johns are awakened from their summer hibernation and seeing your breath becomes as familiar to the eye as 4:30 p.m. sunsets, an annual question is once again raised: How the hell will I keep warm this winter? But keeping your body toasty is a no-brainer – just make sure your Christmas list says MEC repeatedly or try to find someone to help you warm up that down comforter of yours. Still, the only thing that can warm both body and soul is simple and time-tested: booze. Continue reading

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